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Problems to Solutions

1. ideas

First, I listen to a clients existing design problem and brainstorm a set of ideas that can solve the problem. Then I examine how those ideas can be integrated into the final result.

2. mockup

With ideas in hand, I move onto creating sketches, wireframes and visual mockups. Communication and follow-through with the client during this stage is a key factor in the progression of a design.

3. solution

After thorough review, revision, and testing a design is ready for production and then launch. Client feedback helps me gauge the success of the design, and whether the initial design problems have been solved.


Sunmi Song

“ Hi, I’m Sunmi, a
user experience & interface designer based in Seattle ”

I have been working in the web design industry for more than 10 years.

My first job in the industry was for a little toy exporting company in Korea. My primary job position at the time was managing clients aboard but I was given an opportunity to develop a website for the company working with web professionals. This experience opened up a new and exciting avenues for me, and ever since then I have been creating web sites for various companies and individuals.

Upon completion of my studies in design at the Art Institute of Seattle, I started working as a web interface designer for Who's Who in Luxury Real Estate creating web interfaces and graphics for over 50+ Luxury Real Estate professionals around the world and LuxuryRealEstate.com affiliated sites.

In the beginning years, I was involved in creation from initial sketch to launch and every step in between. As the company grew, the team grew and my main focus changed. I was involved more with setting up the initial design concept. Understanding lifestyle and projecting the branding of the websites. As well as to develop the concept so that it is pleasing both visually & functionally from front-end design for various size of company websites to CMS back-end and social networking site.

I have always had a passion for finding problems, developing ideas and implementing solutions visually. Design has fascinated me by how it has become intertwined with technology.

I have learned from the challenges which I've faced and now I seek new challenges. I'd love to help you solve your design challenges.


User Experience & UI Design, Usability, Graphic Design, Web Site Planning, Web Site Structure, Grid System, Document & Page Layout, Web Graphic Optimization


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